Faculty Survey

(To be submitted on annual basis by each faculty member)
The Purpose of this survey is to assess faculty members' satisfaction level and the effectiveness of programs in place to help them progress and excel in their profession. We seek your help in completing this survey and the information provided will be kept in confidence. Indicate how satisfied are you with each of the following aspects of your situation at your department?
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A : Excellent B : Very Good C : Good D : Fair E : Poor
1. Your mix of research, teaching and community service
2. The intellectual stimulation of your work
3. Type of teaching / research you currently do
4. Your interaction with students
5. Cooperation you receive from colleagues
6. The mentoring available to you
7. Administrative support from the department
8. Providing clarity about the faculty promotion process
9. Your prospects for advancement and progress through ranks
10. Salary and compensation package
11. Job security and stability at the department
12 Amount of time you have for yourself and family
13. The overall climate at the department
14. Whether the department is utilizing your experience and knowledge
15. What are the best programs / factors currently available in your department that enhance your motivation and job satisfaction?

Maximum characters allowed: 1000
16. Suggest programs / factors that could improve your motivation and job satisfaction?

Maximum characters allowed: 1000
17. Information about faculty member
Academic rank
Years of service