Employer Survey

(To be filled by Employer - after the completion of each academic year)
This survey pertains to NUST graduates employed at your esteemed organization. The purpose of this survey is to obtain employers’ input on the quality of education NUST is providing and to assess the quality of the academic program. The survey is with regard to NUST graduates employed at your organization. We seek your help in completing this survey. We seek your help in completing this survey.
Select NUST Institution which your employee attended:
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A : Excellent B : Very Good C : Good D : Fair E : Poor
I. Knowledge
1. Math, Science, Humanities and professional discipline, (if applicable)
2. Problem formulation and solving skills
3. Collecting and analyzing appropriate data
4. Ability to link theory to practice
5. Ability to design a system component or process
6. Computer knowledge
II. Communications Skills
1. Oral communication
2. Report writing
3. Presentation skills
III. Interpersonal Skills
1. Ability to work in teams
2. Leadership
3. Independent thinking
4. Motivation
5. Reliability
6. Appreciation of ethical Values
IV. Work Skill
1. Time management skills
2. Judgment
3. Discipline
V. General Comments
Please make any additional comments or suggestions, which you think would help strengthen our programs for the preparation of graduates who will enter your field. Did you know as to what to expect from graduates?

Maximum characters allowed: 1000
VI. Information About Organization
1. Organization Name
2. Type of Business
3. Number of NUST Graduates (specify the program) in your Organization